[ . . . ]

A scouting party went out for the first time today to find food and water, as our own supply had finally run out. Surprisingly, they came back with news that, despite the alien landscape, the nearby city was abandoned, but its shops had remained lined with everything that was there before everything went to shit. Whatever happened, it seems that it effected those outside of the base. That isn't to say the entire land is devoid of life. God no. Some of them are still here, but they're...wrong. Wrong on a level that makes you feel unclean, wrong in a way that makes you feel like their touch is a death sentence. We've tried to avoid them, along with the Impact Point where the TU activated. There is still cause for great concern though, the hole in the sky seems to grow with each passing week. These may be the last days that anyone spends on this cursed rock.

And we're all to blame for it.